Veterans Campaign

War is a terrible thing and should never happen, however reality is much different as soldiers get shipped every day to fight wars thousands of miles away from their home. An even more terrible thing is that once those wars are over and war veterans come home, they are often ignored and neglected by the government.
For that reason, we at GKN Corporation decided to help as much as possible. Here you can see pictures of a veteran home that needs to be renovated and turned into a proper home. We will be starting a fundraising campaign in order to collect funds for the required renovations.

We intend to transfer the building into a holistic home where those veterans will be allowed to use marijuana. Some of them need it as a medicine to dull pain, while others use it in order to be able to relax their mind and reduce their stress.
The aim of the campaign is to raise $100 000 to fully renovate the house and also the yard. Check out this pictures and you will see that the house is in a really bad situation and that this amount needs to be raised as soon as possible.
This campaign is handled by our GKN Dispensary app, so don’t hesitate, head over to GKN Dispensary register and donate. You will be doing this for a great cause and we thank you for that.

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